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Choosing you was the best decision they ever made. We help you prove it

Everything you need to onboard people, help them settle in, and support them on their journey

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A dashboard that allows you to track the onboarding status of incoming employees

HOW it works

Unite and conquer

Your entire onboarding process now lives in one place, and it’s simpler than ever

Unified onboarding tracker

Track, manage and get visibility into your new hire’s onboarding journey

Rich branded forms

Collect the details you need while keeping your brand designers happy

Send merch and devices

Send high quality welcome kits & order new devices, or reassign existing ones

Your new hub

Your company's nervous system

Organize everything - from signed documents to emergency contact information - in an accessible way

Who needs to fill this?
Who can edit this?
Who can view this?

Easily customizable,
mighty powerful

You choose what information you need and how it's used by setting granular permissions for each

Do less to do more

Workflows for onboarding, 2-week check-in, 3-month check-in, birthdays, anniversaries and more

Coming soon

Equip, inventory,
and retrieve

Mighty missions need mighty tools. No matter where you hire, get the equipment delivered in time for the first day of work

and more coming soon

Document Signing

Share documents and request electronic signatures with ease. Signed documents are always within reach under a person's profile

Onboarding checklists

It takes a team to onboard a new member. Create tasks and activities for whoever you want, and schedule them as you see fit

Document & Background Verification

Onboard with confidence. Ensure transparency into your candidates' records, accurate ETAs, and the opportunity to clarify their records

Provision devices & work apps

Give your new hire access to their work apps in one go. Some folks call it application provisioning, we call it time-saving