Easy inventory management and provisioning for all your devices. Assign, reassign, and retrieve your devices anytime, anywhere.

Procure, ship, and retrieve devices with ease

No matter where you hire, get the equipment delivered in time for the first day of work

The ‘Devices’ tab of the Numans dashboard displaying all the devices in a company’s inventory

One tool to manage
all your devices

View your assigned and unassigned devices under one roof. You can either buy devices from Numans or bring in your existing inventory

Assign, reassign & recall devices just in a few clicks

A section of the numans dashboard that shows you a device’s assignment history and specifications

Assign, reassign & recall
devices just in a few clicks

View your device details and take actions as needed. Easily recall devices to your inventory or to a Numans facility

Assign devices from your inventory to your incoming candidates and Numans handles the heavy lifting

Easily reassign devices from one employee to another and Numans handles the pickup and delivery

Mighty tools shipped mighty fast

Easily assign and select shipments,
Numans will handle the rest

A form that asks you whether you want to choose a device from inventory or purchase a new

Select the device you want to ship

Choose a device from your inventory or purchase a new one

A form to select additional IT services

Add any additional services

Add any services that would be required to make your device ready for use

A form to select where to deliver the device

Select the delivery details

Deliver the device to the office, employee’s home or a custom address