Background Verification with Numans and SpringVerify

An employee's experience starts before their first day, and background checks are no exception. With SpringVerify + Numans integration, you can now run candidate friendly background checks with ease
Aditya Garikapati
Aditya Garikapati
Designer at Numans
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  • Companies run background checks to ensure they are hiring the right candidate for their organisation. Background checks can help verify information such as their identity, education, address, court or criminal records. In some industries, this check is mandated by the government.
  • When onboarding a new employee via Numans, you will see the option to initiate a background check. You will be able to select which documents and details you want to verify at this step.
  • Once you start a background check for an employee, you can track the status of the verification process through the Numans Dashboard.
  • You can set up workflows to send an employee their onboarding kit as soon as their verification is complete and successful.

You can now initiate Background Verifications for your employees through Numans!

We’ve partnered with SpringVerify to give you the option of running background checks from your Numans dashboard. How does this work? Let’s start with the basics.

What is Background Verification?

A Background Verification is a process your organisation can use to verify the information provided to you by a candidate. This could be to confirm their employment history, level of education, criminal record, residence, and/or their documents of identification. A background check could take 2-3 days, but this depends entirely on the profile that is being verified and the checks that need to be completed.

Is background verification necessary for new hires?

Organisations conduct background verifications on candidates for various reasons. Some of the most common circumstances under which organisations conduct background checks are:

Security clearance: If the job role involves access to sensitive or classified information, the employer may conduct a thorough background check to ensure that the candidate does not have any history that could pose a security threat.

Regulatory requirements: In some industries, such as healthcare and finance, there are regulatory requirements that mandate background checks for certain job roles.

Promotion and internal transfers: Employers may conduct background checks on employees who are being considered for promotion or internal transfers to ensure that they have a good track record within the organisation.

Volunteer work: Organisations that rely on volunteers, such as non-profit organisations, may conduct background checks to ensure that the volunteers do not have any criminal history or other disqualifying factors.

It's important to note that the scope and intensity of background checks may vary depending on the job role, industry, and organisation. Since you are likely to invest time and effort in training your employees, a quick background check can help mitigate some of the risk around hiring.

Getting started with background checks

At Numans, we want to make the process of bringing a new employee onboard as seamless as possible - for you and your new hire. That’s why we’ve created a linear onboarding process that helps you add an employee to your directory, initiate a background check, welcome them onboard, and equip them with any tools they’ll need on the job - all in just a few clicks.

Here’s how easy it is to have an incoming candidate's background verified -

Step 1:

Login to your Numans account.

Don’t have an account yet? Contact us to set one up! Once you’re in, navigate to the ‘Onboarding’ section of your Numans dashboard.

Step 2:

Select the first option to add a new employee.

If you want to run a check on an existing employee, you can always do so from their directory profile.

Step 3:

Put in the information required to add your employee to your directory

Step 4:

Pick the kind of background check you want to initiate for this employee.

Please note that this option is only available for employees residing in India at the moment

Step 5:

After you’ve read through each document , check the box to accept SpringVerify’s terms and conditions, terms of engagement, and employee consent document.

You just need to do this the first time you're running a check on Numans with SpringVerify.

Step 6:

The fun part!

At Numans we’re all about helping you create seamless workflows to give your employees the best possible welcome experience. If you have an onboarding kit or welcome gift you’d like us to ship to your employee, you can pick a date for delivery at this step. If you don’t have a welcome kit yet, we can help you create one in no time!

You can choose to have your kit shipped immediately, after the background check, or choose a specific date for the delivery. No need to coordinate with vendors and external agencies. We’ll do the grunt work for you.If you choose not to ship a kit at this step, that’s alright too! You can change your mind anytime and place an order from your dashboard.

Step 7:

Now all that’s left to do is check out and make a payment.

That’s it. Seven steps and you’re all done.

What happens next?

After you’ve checked out, we’ll send your new hire an email to get the details we need from them. While this happens, you’ll be able to track updates through your dashboard and see where they are in the onboarding process.

Clicking on individual sections will give you a more granular view of an ongoing process.

Once the background check is complete, you can download a report to get all the details concerning an employee’s background check. You can access this report at anytime from the employee's directory page as well.

At Numans, we help you create wonderful experiences for your employees while taking on the repetitive tasks that de-energise you. Say goodbye to google sheets, vendor management, and calls that could’ve been emails. Say hello to Numans.

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